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124 County Highway 52, Cooperstown, New York, 13326 • View directions & map

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P.O. Box 850, Cooperstown, New York, 13326

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Phone: (607) 547-2800 • Fax: (607) 547-4100

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Val Paige • Director
Brenda Wedderspoon-Gray • Associate Director of Programs
Kathy Graham • Associate Director of Membership & Marketing
Rose Craine • Associate Director For Business Administration
John Harris • Associate Director of Facility & Grounds
Deb Bennet •Assistant to the Business Manager
Eve Cripps • Group Reservations & Human Resources
Erin Newkerk • Marketing Director
Emily Kishbaugh • Assistant Marketing Director


Jim DiLiberto • Adventure Director
Heather Henderson • Assistant Adventure Director
William Weinert • Adventure Program Coordinator


Matthew Phillips • Aquatics Director
Lindsey Bailey • Assistant Aquatics Director
Katy Haseley • Aquatics Lessons Coordinator

Athletics & Bowling

Barry Gray • Athletics Director
Scott Whiteman • Assistant Athletics Director
Sharky Nagelschmidt • Athletics Coordinator
Mike Kenney • Program Specialist

Facilities & Main Desk

Rich Anderson • Assistant Director of Facility & Grounds
Kitt Connolly • Assistant Membership Director

Health, Fitness & Racquets

Rich Jantzi • Health, Fitness & Racquets Director
Jim Jordan • Assistant Health & Fitness Director
Amy Porter • Group Fitness Coordinator
Kevin Mallery • Sports Performance Coordinator
Kara Arnold • Personal Training Specialist

Special Events

Doug McCoy • Special Events Director

Our Mission

It is the primary mission of The Clark Sports Center to take an active role in the health, fitness, recreational and educational life of the Village of Cooperstown and its surrounding area. Specific objectives include safe, high quality youth, adult, and family programming as well as outreach programs aimed at addressing the needs of the under served local populations.

Our Vision

It is the vision of The Clark Sports Center to provide exceptional opportunities for those we serve to experience a lifetime of fitness and fun through education and recreation.

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles referenced below serve as ethical and moral expectations for all Clark Sports Center employees.

  • Those We Serve Come First: Meeting the needs of the people we serve is our primary concern. Their safety, growth and health are the first considerations in every decision. Their needs must be responded to promptly and positively.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Selecting quality staff, providing them with quality training and supervision in a positive respectful atmosphere is imperative.
  • Continually Improve Through Innovation: Look for new and better ways of doing things while building on what we have already accomplished.
  • Commit to Excellence: Our standard of performance is excellence. Those we serve depend on us to provide them with the highest degree of excellence in our services.
  • Have Fun: Enjoyment is at the core of the services we offer and the environment within which we work.
  • Offer Respect and Compassion to All: Everyone deserves to be treated with the highest degree of respect and compassion.

History of The Clark Sports Center

In 1891, the first Alfred Corning Clark Gymnasium opened in Cooperstown, New York. The building occupied the former site of a hardware store at the corner of Main and Fair Street. An indoor track surfaced with canvas circled the upper portion of the main activity room. The bowling alleys, locker rooms and a large “general purpose” gym floor were also included. Membership at the ACC Gym cost $3 to $6 per year for adults and surprisingly for the times, women were encouraged to join as full participants. Professor William F. Martin was appointed Director and served in that position until 1927.

The facility proved to be an instant success. By the end of the first year membership had already exceeded 200 people. Classes included a broad range of activities from fencing, high jumping, boxing and weight lifting to running and general fitness. In 1924, Professor Martin introduced a swimming and diving program at the present Country Club site on Lake Otsego.

In May 1929, the original gymnasium was demolished and a new one was erected. Edward Severin Clark, an activist in the Cooperstown community, was concerned that the gym should not remain closed for an unnecessarily long period of time. Stonemasons and construction workers labored throughout the winter. The building, in much the same form that it still appears on Main Street, opened on May 30, 1930. Swimming, basketball, squash courts and a steam bath were among the new features. Four bowling lanes were added with more classes and longer operating hours.

William Beattie, a British emigrant, succeeded Professor Martin and held the position of gym Director from 1928 until his death in 1942. His replacement, the legendary Colonel Simon W. Acoutin, served with the Clark Gymnasium for over 33 years, 21 of those as Director. Born in pre-Revolutionary Soviet Union, Colonel Acoutin fought in the White Russian Army and barely escaped over the eastern frontier after the military collapse of 1919. After entering China he immigrated to the United States where he found his way to Cooperstown as a riding instructor. A man of enormous dignity, tact and discipline, Colonel Acoutin remains a much loved and well-remembered character.

The second ACC Gymnasium had become an active and vital part of the recreational and social life of the community. Malcolm Brooks joined the ACC Gymnasium in the sixties and continued the legacy of service through to the mid 1980's. He helped to establish a new standard of programming in all areas of the operation while continuing to provide a unique sports center at the heart of the village. In 1983, The Clark Foundation announced its intention to build a larger facility on land donated by Mr. Stephen C. Clark, Jr. one-half mile south of the village, opposite the Iroquois Farm Estate on Susquehanna Avenue. The community's growth and the need for modernized facilities dictated a much larger building. Construction was started for the new gymnasium in 1985.

The new facility represented a significant expansion of staff, equipment, programs, operating hours and services. Led by Alfred C. Clark, Jr., enormous creative planning went into every detail, from its range of Nautilus exercise equipment, aerobics studio, lighting design and sound system to the climbing walls and Outward Bound Challenge Course. Traditional features included a large gym floor, a swimming pool and an indoor track. Other additions were an eating area, conference room, and saunas. With the dedication on October 5, 1986, the third ACC Gymnasium continued its ninety four-year commitment to the community. At that time, Geoffrey Childs became Director of the gym. The successful expansion of traditional family programs and the addition of outreach activities for Cooperstown and the surrounding areas including New York City distinguished Mr. Childs' six-year tenure. The center officially opened on October 27, 1986 at 6:30am.

In June of 1993, J. Bart Morrison was named Director. Traditional activities such as basketball, swimming, bowling, and racquet sports were renewed and strengthened. Many new activities that were ushered in with the opening of the new facility in 1986 such as Outward Bound, adventure programming and various outreach activities were given additional energy through careful review and adjustment. In June of 1994, the Board of Directors of The Clark Foundation decided that a more modern name representing the organization's broadened scope and comprehensiveness was needed. The ACC Gymnasium was renamed The Clark Sports Center.

After six successful years, J. Bart Morrison returned to graduate school to pursue his Ph.D. In September 2000, Bradford J. Feik accepted the appointment of Director of The Clark Sports Center. A past Cooperstown resident, he returned home to carry on the great work of his predecessors until his departure in 2007.

On January 16, 2009, Dion Wade officially started his tenure as the 8th Director of The Clark Sports Center. Dion brings to our organization a wealth of experience in fitness, recreation, and sports. He attended undergraduate school at Trinity University in San Antonio and received his masters degree in educational leadership from the University of Central Florida at Orlando. Before moving to Cooperstown in 2008, Dion served as Assistant Director of Facilities for the Division of Recreational Sports at the University of Texas at Austin.

Administrative Staff

Val Paige

Clark Sports Center Director
(607) 547-2800 x112

Brenda Wedderspoon-Gray

Associate Director of Programs
(607) 547-2800 x103

Kathy Graham

Associate Director of Membership & Marketing
(607) 547-2800 x115

Rose Craine

Associate Director for Business Administration
(607) 547-2800 x106

John Harris

Associate Director of Facility & Grounds
(607) 547-2800 x120

Eve Cripps

Human Resources & Group Reservations
(607) 547-2800 x105

Deb Bennett

Assistant to the Business Manager
(607) 547-2800 x104

Erin Newkerk

Marketing Director
(607) 547-2800 x122

Emily Kishbaugh

Assistant Marketing Director
(607) 547-2800 x322

Adventure Staff

Jim DiLiberto

Adventure Director
(607) 547-2800 x126

Heather Henderson

Assistant Adventure Director
(607) 547-2800 x127

William Weinert

Adventure Program Coordinator
(607) 547-2800 x127



Aquatics Staff

Matt Phillips

Aquatics Director
(607) 547-2800 x117/114

Lindsey Bailey

Assistant Aquatics Director
(607) 547-2800 x114

Katy Haseley

Aquatics Program Specialist
(607) 547-2800



Athletics Staff

Barry Gray

Athletics Director
(607) 547-2800 x108

Scott Whiteman

Assistant Athletics Director
(607) 547-2800 x109

Sharky Nagelschmidt

Athletics Coordinator
(607) 547-2800 x109



Facilities Staff

Rich Anderson

Assistant Director of Facility & Grounds
(607) 547-2800 x120

Ted Young

Ground Maintenance
(607) 547-2800 x121

Dave Chase

Facility Maintenance
(607) 547-2800 x120



Health & Fitness Staff

Rich Jantzi

Health & Fitness Director
(607) 547-2800 x125

Jim Jordan

Assistant Health & Fitness Director
(607) 547-2800 x205

Amy Porter

Group Fitness Coordinator
(607) 547-2800 x111

Kara Arnold

Personal Training Specialist
(607) 547-2800 x118

Kevin Mallery

Sports Performance Coordinator
(607) 547-2800 x118



Main Desk & Membership Staff

Kitt Connolly

Assistant Membership Director
(607) 547-2800 x101

Peg Wilson

Customer Service Staff
(607) 547-2800 x101

Michelle Yerdon

Customer Service Staff
(607) 547-2800 x101



Special Events

Doug McCoy

Special Events Director
(607) 547-2800 x111

All Full-time & Part-time Staff • October 2013

Full Time 3rd Shift Custodial

The Maintenance Department has a full time 3rd shift Custodial position open. The hours are 9:00pm to 5:30am, 5 nights a week. Candidates should have some experience in cleaning commercial buildings. Schedule and wage will be discussed at the time of hire. Anyone interersted should fill out an application at the front desk or online, and send it to: Attn: John Harris, Clark Sports Center, PO Box 850, Cooperstown, NY 13326. Application deadline for this position is August 24, 2015.

Part Time Personal Trainers

We are in search of highly energetic people that are self motivated and goal oriented. Hours are flexible. Must hold a PT Certification or have started the process or becoming one. For more information, please contact Rich Jantzi (607) 547-2800, ext. 125, or send in application.

Part Time Special Events Position

Will work closely with Special Events Director to promote events. Must have experience in Excel, and be tech savvy. Self motivation, organization, and good communication skills are required. Must be flexible with availability. Email applications to Doug McCoy at

Employment Application Form

Interested in working at the Sports Center? Download and fill out the employee information form below and we will keep your resume on file for when any opportunities become available. Please return the completed form to the Main Desk.

Download The Clark Sports Center Employment Information Form (PDF, 27kb).